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Being tired is scarcely unusual

Being exhausted for short periods following demanding and stressful activities and events is quite normal. Most people know that simple remedies like getting more sleep, taking on less work, avoiding excessive stress, eating a more healthy diet, taking sensible exercise and so on are likely to increase their energy levels and reduce feelings of tiredness. Similarly, many are aware that difficult life circumstances pass and adjustment happens.

However, people with concerns around exhaustion are usually talking about more extreme and/or longer lasting effects, In rarer cases, this can include inability to pursue any normal activities and various undesirable and alarming physical effects.

Anyone with abnormal exhaustion levels

should of course consult doctors and other medical advisers fully. Therapy for exhaustion concerns is appropriate when doctors are unable to provide physical explanations or when patients are frustrated with treatments offered or when additional support is needed. People diagnosed as suffering from recognised conditions such as ME or from what is popularly known as 'burn out' often find good solution-oriented counselling highly effective as part of recovery. This is also true where exhaustion is accompanied by depression or anxiety.

Therapy does not mean unnecessary introspection

Intelligent therapy for exhaustion does not require excessive introspection. It helps clients to:

  • be aware of any stressors and contributory circumstances,
  • to change any negative habits and develop new more effective patterns
  • where appropriate, to deal effectively and quickly with any difficult memories and traumas associated with or contributing to exhaustion
  • to use the relaxation response and develop new skills of personal focus and control
  • to develop and think through strategies for overcoming current challenges
  • to use imaginative techniques to rehearse successful changes
  • to understand better the mind/body system and make practical use of that understanding

Therapists work in partnership with medical advisers where possible. You should expect to notice improvements at an early stage and will be encouraged to measure progress regularly.


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