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'I can stand anything except pain' (Comedy line)


Pain can be managed
Unscrupulous interrogators use pain and the threat of it because they know that it breaks down resistance. Sufferers from both chronic and acute pain sometimes feel like the victims of torture. The unpredictable nature of much chronic pain wears down even the bravest; a brief experience of severe pain is enough to turn some of us into gibbering wrecks.

Pain of course is a signal. Once the reason for a signal has been heeded, there is (theoretically at least) . no need for further signals. Once a condition has been recognized by sufferers, diagnosed by medical practitioners and treated appropriately, pain should cease. However, some pain signals gets stuck in the ‘on position’, some pain signals appear to have no clear source, whilst some pain ‘cures’ treat everything – except the pain.

It’s here that informed therapy geared to suit the individual can help both in managing unavoidable pain and turning down unnecessary pain signals.

Intelligent therapy for pain
  • Will not begin before proper diagnosis of sources of pain by a qualified medical practitioner has been made
• Will teach ways of minimizing the effects of pain using conscious (or cognitive) strategies, including relaxation, reframing and guided imagery.
• Will also teach ways of minimizing the effects of pain using unconscious suggestions
• Will take into account life circumstance and the ways in which human needs are met
• Will encourage understanding of how pain works and will encourage clients to recognize degrees to which they can make informed choices
• Will develop increased control of pain
• Will enable clients to deal with any unavoidable pain and minimize its effects.
• Will show clients undergoing treatment how to participate fully in healing processes and improve outcomes
• Will deal with any troubling past experiences quickly and effectively
How long will it take?
There is no set number of sessions for pain since there is no one source of pain and individuals vary enormously in their needs. Two to three sessions will introduce and practise immediate pain relief strategies adequately. Clients can then choose (in consultation with the therapist) whether to take further regular sessions or to have occasional coaching, for example when different stages of a treatment are reached or as particular times in the calendar that have proved difficult in the past approach. Clients will be encouraged to notice improvements in their ability to handle and control pain from the first session onwards.

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